With recent sightings of coyotes in Swift Current, folks are being reminded that the canines are not dogs.

As much as they may have puppy-like features, they are very far from tame. These opportunistic scavengers are predatory and can lash out if startled or agitated.

Reminding people to be cautious, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment passed along some information and advice in a statement.   

To begin, they clarify that seeing a coyote within city limits is nothing unusual. They are highly adaptable and often travel through during the winter while looking for food. 

Being that they are opportunistic predators, they often benefit from urban areas, stealing yard waste, pet food, and even compost. A big step in mitigating coyote presence is to remove these attractants from yards. 

If you should encounter a coyote, it is important to remain calm, keep your distance, and leave it alone. Do not approach, and do not feed or otherwise interact with it. Pets should never be allowed to get close, kept on a leash or inside if a coyote is in the area. 

When left alone, coyotes will almost always move along. 

If you see a coyote in a park space, you can contact the City of Swift Current. The statement from the Ministry of Environment statement asserts that it is the responsibility of the municipality to deal with sightings, and to deal with any wildlife, but especially aggressive individual animals. 

For an animal, coyote or otherwise, believed to be especially concerning, you can call 911, or the Turn in paochers and Polluters (TIPP) line at 1-800-667-7561.

Non-emergency concerns can be reported to 1-800-567-4224 or centre.inquiry@gov.sk.ca.