A hundred-year-old bridge in the Rural Municipality of Val Marie will soon be replaced thanks to nearly half a million dollars in government funding.

Val Marie's steel truss, 25.6 metre McGuire Bridge is one of 12 rural bridging projects to receive funds from both governments for community infrastructure.

Larry Grant, Reeve for the Rural Municipality of Val Marie, is appreciative of such a significant amount of government funding to take on a project of this size.

"The current state of the bridge is not good, it's got a 5,000-kilogram load limit on it," said Grant, noting that it was built in the early 1900s. 

Not only is the bridge old, but it is also partly damaged and used often, making it a concern for community members. 

"It's on a road that numerous people use, there's a farmer that lives on the north side of the river," Grant said. "This will give them further or just as good or better access to his property."

The Sask. government will provide funds of $333,300 towards the project while $166,700 will be provided by the federal government and Val Marie will be required to come up with an additional $500,000. 

The Rural Municipality of Val Marie plans to fulfill their part of the funding through savings and the bridge is set to be completed this coming fall. 

"We're grateful for the funding and it's something that needs to be done," concluded Grant.