March 1st ... we're coming out of the winter months and I feel depressed.  The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are over.  When the flame went out last night during the closing ceremonies ... a huge part of me wished it could just burn for a little while longer.  A blanket of sadness was draped over my entire body ... but then massive beavers were pushed around the stage by lumberjacks and that  made me smile again.


What a way to end it ... Canadian Gold in Mens Hockey, an Olympic record in most golds ever won, and Avril Lavigne to close out the festivities!  Wait a second ... Avril was awful ... scratch that last part.


I'm stealing this from several Facebook status updates ... "Best ...  Winter Olympics ... ever!!" 


Congratulations to all of our athletes, that was an unbelievable 17 days!




Harlequin and Prism played the Casino Friday night ... they were both really good, but I thought these guys stole the show.  This is me trying to act like a rockstar backstage with Harlequin.




(Left to Right) George Belanger (singer), Darren Moore (keyboards), Nik Rivers (bass), Chance (not a rockstar), Derrick Gottfried (guitar), AJ Chabidon (drums)