Snow is mostly melted in the southwest, as significantly higher temperatures have been experienced recently, although above average, the temperatures are still typical of the area.

Swift Current will be expecting a weekend of moderate temperatures around the +6 mark with Monday predicted to reach a high of +12.

Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang, is eager to give some insight into what has been going on with the weather and what we might be able to expect. 

"A big ridge of high pressure is building over western Canada over the next few days and that's going to give some very warm temperatures," said Lang. "Particularly southwestern parts of Sask, so some nice warm spring temperatures there."

As the ridge collapses later next week a weather system is set to be moving in with the colder temperatures again. 

"It is forecast to bring some snow, still trying to figure out the exact timing of that and exactly how much will fall," Lang said. "We'll see what happens next week with the snow.

"This is a hundred per cent typical of what goes on in Sask. in March," said Lang. Record temperatures for Sunday are as high as +16 to as low as -26, anything in between is considered fairly typical. 

The recent patches of fog were able to leave ice on the road and with the weather changes there's a large amount of thawing and freezing which can make the road even slipperier. 

"Just checking those highway hotline conditions before heading out, knowing what the weather is like to where you're driving, just because it can be so volatile," Lang noted.