Representatives from the Chinook School Division will be breaking down educational funding for parents, funding, staff, and communities over the next month.

Director Mark Benesh, Deputy Director Kathy Robson, CFO Sharie Sloman, and Board Chair Kim Pridmore are just some of the Division's staff that will be speaking at the Informational Meetings.

"We decided as a board last year actually to try something new by going out to some communities and share our financial situation," Pridmore said. "What we're hoping to accomplish here, is to provide some accurate information about the funding challenges we're facing. We want an opportunity for staff, school families and community members alike all to hear the same information so that we can hopefully give them a better understanding of the current reality in Chinook and how it impacts the students in our communities."

The first Funding Informational Meeting is set for the 23rd of this month right in Swift Current, at Central School.

Maple Creek will have an opportunity on the evening of the 26th, residents in Cabri can join on November 6, and the last stop is Shaunavon the next night. Each meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Over the last seven years, Chinook School Division has had a five per cent decrease in funding, despite enrollment numbers rising.

"Really our goal is to help people understand that and to hopefully ask for their support in some advocacy," added Pridmore. "When voting time comes around or when they have an opportunity, you know they're talking to their MLA's or their municipal leaders, we hope that they can put the same message there that we really need to make education a priority in this province."

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