Taxpayers in Swift Current will find out this afternoon if they're facing a property tax hike or not.

The City of Swift Current will release its 2024 municipal budget at 1 p.m. inside of Council Chambers.

Swift Current Mayor Al Bridal said the City's debt is forecasted to drop nearly $4 million this year from $87.7 million to around $84 million.

"We're going to pay down some more debt this year," he told Swift Current Online last week.

Bridal assured there won't be any major announcements in terms of capital project included in the budget but did indicate there will be some residential development.

"There's another multi-family project on the go by a contractor that will be announced in the next few months," he said. "It's exciting. I'm hoping to see some residential development. Maybe some new houses put up around Swift Current. I know we have quite a bit of land available both commercially and residentially that the City owns, that the taxpayer owns."

The City might not have any massive capital projects for 2024, but residents will soon find out the larger projects.

Swift Current Online will have an in-depth story breaking down the City's budget later today.