Smoking at school in Swift Current could become a costly mistake.

Swift Current city council was presented with potential changes to its bylaws on Wednesday that would see tobacco and vape use banned on school property.

The alteration to the bylaw was brought forward to the City recently by Swift Current City RCMP Staff Sergeant Evan Gordon and Const. Tony Curti. It would also match the City's bylaw with the province's regulations.

"This new smoking bylaw aligns with our new strategic plan and will provide additional means in which to enhance the safety and comfort of all people within the City of Swift Current," Jackie Schlamp, city clerk with the City of Swift Current, said.

Curti shared an experience with council from earlier this week where he entered a bathroom at the Swift Current Comp. High School and caught a student with a vape and escorted him to the office.

"I don't know what happened there, but I don't think there were any real repercussions," he said. "I think they just take it away now and they give it back to them at the end of the day. There was a suspension at one point but there's no deterrent at all."

If city council chooses to move forward with changes to the bylaw, it would let Curti and fellow RCMP officers hand out tickets for these types of incidents. The first offence would cost $150 and a second ticket within twelve months would by $300.

"With this [change], we have all the teeth now, so will this help, for sure it will," Curti said. "Every time I write a ticket anywhere near the school or something school-related, the whole school's talking about it. 

City councillor Leanne Tuntland-Wiebe wanted to expedite the change. Schlamp gave an option on how council could do that if they wanted.

"If it's council's wish we can put it on for next Tuesday's (Feb. 20) agenda and we can waive notice of motion," she said. "After the report is read, we will bring the recommendation that we waive notice of motion and then we will have three readings at that council meeting if you wish or we can wait and pass it at the next meeting (March 4)."