The City of Swift Current is set to enact the 2024 mill rate adjustment, by not adjusting it. 

Rates for agriculture, non-arable, commercial, multi-family residential, and residential will remain at the same values as 2023. 

The decision to leave them at 55 per cent, 45 per cent, 85 per cent, 80 per cent, and 80 per cent respectively follows the values given by the province. 

Kari Cobler, the general manager of corporate services for the City of Swift Current, provided the report to city council, which at this time is only to give notice of city council's intent to amend the appropriate bylaw.

"This year, the percentage of values stipulated by the Province of Saskatchewan will remain unchanged," said Cobler. "The percentage of value is applied to the total assessed value of each property to determine the portion that is taxable."

For those unfamiliar, the mill rate is for the taxation of property. It is applied evenly for all properties according to their class and sub-class. It allows a property to be defined, and to to be taxed based on that definition. 

The mill rate has not seen any changes in recent years, which bodes well for those paying the tax. One thing that Cobler noted was the education property tax mill rates. 

"... to be levied on all properties in the 2024 taxation year is forthcoming from the Ministry of Government Relations and Holy Trinity Catholic Separate School Division No. 22," said Cobler. "As has been done in part years, municipalities will collect public and separate education property taxes and remit the funds to the province of the separate school division."

Officially, city council gave notice of motion of intent to consider a bylaw to establish the mill rate, to establish mill rate factors, to establish a special levy for funding the long-term care facility, and to consider a bylaw to exempt the 2024 assessment of certain properties.