Last Wednesday, the City of Swift Current proclaimed March to be Epilepsy Awareness Month in support of the approximately 10,500 community members in Sask. who have been diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is a registered charity that offers support and counselling and pushed for the week of March 18 to be Awareness Week for Epilepsy.

Jack Hoffart, director on the board of Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc., has been a board member along with his wife for nearly 20 years. 

"The colour purple, that I'm wearing, is designated as Epilepsy Awareness Colour for the month of March," said Hoffart. "We usually have fundraising programs in March of each year, in May, also in August and November." 

In November 2022, Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. received a National Philanthropy Award for the projects, programs, and fundraisers they sponsor. 

"Those projects we sponsor are support group meetings, both in person and on our Zoom video," Hoffart noted. "We sponsor scholarships of a thousand dollars per semester for university and trade school."

The organization also pays for children's summer camps, such grants for service dogs up to $1,000, and seizure blankets.

"We also assist with the cost of neurosurgery which would mean travel to Saskatoon or Regina, or Medicine Hat or Calgary," said Hoffart. "Often the individual with epilepsy doesn't have and can't get a driver's license so they have to rely upon some other source of travel."

Over 90 per cent of patients are fully cured of epilepsy after neurosurgery and can return to a normal life where they can get a driver's license.  

"The effects in the bigger picture of neurosurgery are fantastic these days," Hoffart added. 

Any interested parties can visit the Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. website for more information or to show some support.