The inevitable freeze-thaw cycle is upon the southwest and it's creating roadwork for Swift Current's city crews.

They began their annual pothole repairing program back in the middle of March although the current weather conditions make fixing the countless tiny craters difficult.

Greg Parsons, the general manager of infrastructure for Swift Current, said the current road refurbishment involves cold mix which is a second-rate fix to hot mix.

"We have to wait for the paving crew to get their plant set up," he said. "That would be the timing we could start the hot mix patching.

"It's more effective because it stays in the pothole better. The cold mix is kind of a temporary thing and as you get water and people driving through it, it bounces out. The hot mix has more of a binding sort of effect."

Parsons believes they could be using hot mix by the end of the month if all goes well. 

"Main arterials is ultimately our goal because they see a higher volume of traffic," he said. "We'll eventually get to the side streets."

The City has a page set up to allow its residents to report potholes. Citizens can also call the City's 24-hour hotline at 306-778-1625 and leave a detailed message regarding the pothole's whereabouts.