The City of Swift Current is following suit with SaskPower's recent reduction on carbon pricing.

The Crown corporation announced on Monday they'd be shedding 60 per cent off the carbon tax pricing for electric home heating come January 1, 2024. 

Swift Current announced on Wednesday they'll be implementing the same action for its residential customers.

Darryl Tunall, the City's director of Light and Power, said with Swift Current consistently positioning their pricing with SaskPower, the rate reduction was a no-brainer.

"The City of Swift Current buys bulk from SaskPower, so if we don't align with SaskPower, essentially our customers/owners would be penalized for that purchase arrangement," he said. "We're just doing the right thing and aligning with SaskPower and going to follow their lead."

The City doesn't have exact records of which households use electric home heating as a primary source but Tunall has an idea of how many homes could see the savings coming their way.

"We just get a request to connect, we don't ask what they're doing with it," he said. "Best guess on our end is less than 200 customers."

Should you be one of those select households that use electric heat as a primary source, you have to register with the City's Light and Power for the reduction.

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