The Clearwater Drive-In Movie Theatre opened up its gates last weekend, where families were able to catch a movie on a really big screen.

The drive-in theatre is one of only five in the entire province of Saskatchewan and is a great option for anyone looking to take the kids or some friends out to a movie in a-typical fashion. 

Denise Kelk owns the drive-in theatre with her husband and was eagerly awaiting the long weekend crowd that showed up to watch 'The Lost City', starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

"We're very happy with the turnout," shared Kelk. "We had a busy weekend despite the cooler weather. It appears we're off to a great start."

For anyone who has never gone to a drive-in movie, it's quite a bit different from your average bucket seat theatre. Moviegoers buy their tickets at the gate, and pull inside and park their car, from which they can enjoy the film.

Some folks like to park backwards and watch from their truck box, others bring lawn chairs and sit in front of their vehicles, and some sit in their front seat and enjoy their theatre popcorn comfortably out of the elements.

"It's a unique experience," confirmed Kelk. "We get people travelling from all over the place to come and spend an evening with us."

There are some factors at play that due affect the drive-in theatres' ability to provide a show, such as the weather. A big factor is that as the days get longer, the shows have to go later in the evening so that light levels don't interfere with the projector.

Anyone interested in checking out their next movie, Dreamworks 'The Bad Guys", can check in on their website or their Facebook page for showtimes, with tickets for sale at the gate. You can also give their 24-hour information line a call at 306-375-2640.

"We invite everybody to check us out," Kelk added. "If you've never been, it's a great way to spend the evening with friends and family and take in a good movie and just have a nice evening."