After the last month of unseasonably warm weather, the cold is primed to return to the southwest.

Swift Current and area have been enjoying warm weather for most of January, but mother nature is done pulling her punches it seems.

Later this week, temperatures are set to return to overnight lows of -20 C, and daytime highs of -18 C. 

Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Janelle Gergely, explains that while these temperatures will feel bitter, they aren't record hitters.

"Looking at what the record-breaking temperatures would be for this time of year, the records for Swift Current overnight are in the -40 C range," said Gergely. "Right now in our forecast, we're seeing -26 C overnight for Saturday. So although this is cold, this isn't record-breaking cold. It's really just a return to normal conditions."

This cold front is an airborne cold drifting over the province. It originated in Siberia last week and has slowly made its way through the artic into Canada. 

Seeing as how Thursday is calling for +1 C, The overnight low on Friday night of -20 C will offer a good sheet of ice if nothing changes. Folks will have to quickly jump back into their parks and mittens, resuming regular winter wear habits. 

"My biggest concern is being prepared with the way you dress," said Gergely. "Frostbite can occur in minutes when there's wind. It doesn't feel that bad, but the moment there's a little bit of a breeze, be very careful with frostbite."

Remember, if it's cold for a person, it's cold for critters. Any pets outside will want to be brought indoors and have less exposure when let back outside.