Last week residents of Swift Currents' various care homes and facilities were able to peek outside and see what has become an ongoing tradition.

The Eliminators Car Club's 'Cruisin the Care Homes' first tour of 2022 brought smiles to many faces, from both care receivers and caregivers.

Public Relations Liaison for the Eliminators Car Club, Nathan Seibel, helped to organize this event back when it first started, around three years ago in 2019.

"We did kind of when everything was initially in lockdown, just to get out of the house and to show support to essential workers and people locked up in care homes," recalled Seibel. "It gave us great success, so we continued on with it last year, and this year we decided to give it a go again."

There were close to 100 vehicles that showed up this year to tag along for the drive. Of those cars, 10 were members of the original car club, proving that there is a massive amount of support for this event in the community.

"I think it's something that's growing quite big, that will continue to do so for quite some time," assessed Seibel. "This summer we plan on doing one every month."

Those plans are weather permitting. If you would like to participate, Seibel says all you have to do is check when the ride is scheduled, and show up on your wheels for the ride-along. During this last event, there was also a big turn out of charity, with donations to the Swift Current Salvation Army bringing in over 80 pounds of food and $400 in cash donations.

If you want to keep up to date with rides, when and where they'll be, be sure to check out the Eliminators Car Club Facebook page.