The beloved Girl Guide cookies are back on the market with the arrival of spring, 

According to Jessica Giesbrecht, the classic vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies are making their rounds in Swift Current.

"They are kind of what everybody thinks of when they think of girl guide cookies," she said. "There are a couple of units that have a few select boxes of the mint ones kicking around, but they're pretty hard to come by until fall."

While a group sale day is still in the works, anyone in the southwest who is interested in stocking up on the treats is encouraged to reach out to the local organization via Facebook. 

The Girl Guides website will have information on when and where an event is happening, once those plans are finalized for Swift Current. 

The cherished tradition all started back in 1927 in Regina, when a Girl Guide leader chose to bake and package cookies as a simple fundraiser for local uniforms and camping equipment. Two years later, the idea was adopted nation-wide. 

Giesbrecht added that just like when it began nearly 100 years ago, the sales made by the local branch will directly support them. 

"We get to keep a portion of the sales from each box of cookies and then a portion stays in our district as well," she said. "A lot of the money from the sales of Girl Guide cookies stays local and helps us to do activities and crafts and camps and all of the fun things that girls love to do in our organization."