After a few years of the general public lobbying the city of Swift Current for a disc golf course, that wish appears to be granted.

On Monday night city council voted in favour of having a course erected along the Chinook Parkway on the south side of Swift Current.

According to the city, there have been two obstacles they've faced in the past with developing a course, one being a location, however, community services met with designers from Disc Golf Saskatchewan in the fall of 2020 to find a solution.

"Upon a review of potential locations, community services in consultation with Disc Golf Saskatchewan concluded that the most feasible location is the Chinook Parkway from Riverside Park across to Kinetic Park on the city's south side," Swift Current's General Manager of Community Services Jim Jones said.

The other hindrance was funding to build the course but the city was also recently able to score some grant money from Living Sky Community Development Corporation for the project.

"I just wanted to pass our thanks onto the Living Sky Casino development grant for making this possible," Swift Current City Councillor Ryan Plewis said. "It's a great addition that's made possible through that organization giving back to the community, so a big thanks to them and their team for making this work."

Currently, there are two other disc golf courses located throughout southwestern Saskatchewan, one at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and the second is in Gull Lake. There are a total of 65 courses in the province.

"(I'm) very excited about this, it ticks so many boxes, it's affordable, it's going to be in a great location, it's going to bring people to our community, there are a lot of folks that are interested in disc golf," Swift Current City Councillor Ryan Switzer said. "There's some businesses on the south side in our community that will benefit from having this nearby."

Once constructed the city anticipates the course will be available to the public via booking, like the crokicurl rink that opened this past winter.

"We will probably have a kickoff once we get it all ready to go, and start it by booking and then we will monitor to see how busy it is," Jones said.

Construction can begin on the project as of April 1 when the grant money is eligible to be used.