Earlier this week, a local business contributed more than $6,450 to the Southwest Facility Foundation by purchasing thousands of Tim Horton's Smile Cookies.

Proceeds from the Smile Cookie campaign this year are being directed to the foundation, and thanks to Crescent Point Energy, over 4,300 Southwest students and staff enjoyed a Smile Cookie.

Dallas Mohagen, production engineer at Crescent Point Energy in Swift Current, is also the oil and gas representative for the Southwest Facility Foundation.

"About a month ago Tim Horton's approached us, they wanted to align with us," said Mohagen. "An idea I had at one of the meetings was with the strike, I have three kids in schools and tensions have been fairly high in schools with everything that's been going on."

"I thought the Smile Cookies would be a good way to raise awareness and give a smile to the schools."

He noted that the business identified 17 schools within their operating area, to which they donated and delivered the cookies to on Monday.

"I hope it raises awareness to what we're trying to do and I hope it's positive," Mohagen said.

Anyone interested in supporting the foundation can stop by any of the Tim Horton's in Swift Current for a limited time and purchase a Smile Cookie.

"Thank you to everybody that supported this and thanks to those who are going to support the Southwest Facility Foundation," he added.