Third time is a charm and that's certainly true for all of our lucky listeners who walked away Monster Cash winner's today on the third day of the contest. 


Nicole Sinclair kicked off today's winning by figuring out that our secret broadcast location today was none other than Regier Honda. For being the first to find us, Nicole walked away with $100. 


Kathleen was our lucky winner in the second hour of our broadcast as she was the lucky third person to come find us that hour and she received $200 in cash. 

Finally we made our third hour a bit trickier by asking for the third person to show up with a Honda vehicle purchased from Regier Honda. Luckily for Ryan Heffley he was listening on-air and made his down to drive away as our final $300 winner of the day. 

Be sure to tune in again tomorrow morning on-air and keep an eye on our social media as we will be live at a brand-new secret location. 

Tune in to win with May Monster Cash