Christmas time has brought out the spirit of giving in Swift Current, as the Salvation Army has received even more generous support. 

This time, Diamond Energy and Haubie Yard Maintenance are being highlighted for their contributions. 

Each of these companies contributed hundreds of dollars worth of donations in the form of food for the Christmas Eve Packs. 

Swift Current Salvation Army Lieutenant, Renee Mailman, was blown away by their eager support during the holidays during a year when things have generally been a little tighter in everyone's budgets. 

"I'm not sure I can put into words what it means," said Mailman. "People who might normally have the extra to donate and to spend, they don't necessarily have that extra anymore. To see those who choose to donate, we are always so appreciative."

Diamond Energy donated hundreds of hot chocolate and popcorn packs, completely filling the required amounts for the Christmas Eve Packs. 

Haubie Yard Maintenance donated 11 toys from the Christmas Wish Tree at the mall, as requested by the children registered with the Salvation Army. 

"When they came with the wishes and said 'We'd still like to do more, what can we do?', we gave them the food list," said Mailman. 

Haubie Yard Maintenance proceeded to donate 394 pounds of food, all to the Salvation Army. 

These acts of giving will help to make various families Christmas all the more special, knowing that it was their community who came together for them. Children will have toys and hot chocolate, with popcorn for their favourite holiday films. Christmas dinner will be bigger and fuller with food given freely. 

"We can't really express enough how much we appreciate those who choose to donate to us," said Mailman. 


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