Some recent road construction downtown Swift Current has temporarily removed the pride crosswalk on Central Avenue North.

According to Southwest Saskatchewan Pride they will be returning the artwork in the near future as soon as the specialized paint they've ordered arrives.

Shaun Hanna, a member of the board of directors with Southwest Saskatchewan Pride, said the paint is an aggregate that will hold up to the weather elements and potential vandalism as well.

"It's basically coloured asphalt so that the paint is long-lasting, it will be plow zone ready," he said. "It should last for five years."

The crosswalk located on Central Avenue North halfway between Chaplin Street East and Herbert Street East was repaved at the end of July and the City of Swift Current has been in contact with the Southwest Saskatchewan Pride organization throughout the process.

"We've actually been working really closely with the city," he said. "They've been very much helpful with it and very supportive."

The organization has spent the better part of two and a half years fundraising for the paint that will cost in the neighbourhood of $4,000, but Hanna believes it's well worth it.

"It is a permanent fixture in Swift Current and it is a mark of Swift Current's openness and acceptance to grow the city and welcome new people," he said. "If we want to put something permanent in, we have to make sure it's going to look good and it's going to be long-lasting and ultimately be a benefit to not just the queer community but also to the community in general."

The paint is expected to arrive within the next month sometime and Hanna thinks they'll repaint the crosswalk on a Sunday when downtown traffic is minimal.