The City of Swift Current is preparing to power up another rate increase.

This rate increase will be for Swift Current Light & Power customers, regarding electrical rates for residential and commercial clients.

Presenting the matter to Swift Current city council was the General Manager of Infrastructure and Operations, Mitch Minken.

"It is therefore respectfully recommended that notice of motion be given at this time by advising the public of council's intention to adjust the electric current usage rates attached as Schedule "A" to Bylaw number six, 1989, being the Electrical Utility Bylaw, effective April 1, 2023," said Minken.

As Minken recommended, the change would arrive at the start of April. Commercial customers would see a four per cent increase in their rate charge, while the breakdown is more direct for residential customers.

Light & Power expects apartments to pay an average of $6.16 more a month. Regular-sized homes can plan for an increase of $7.91, while larger residences can expect a $9.51 growth on their bill.

It all comes back to parity with SaskPower as to why the City is upping rates.

The Crown Corporation applied last year for rate increases with the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel. Specifically, they applied and got approved for rate increases for September 1, 2022, and April 1, 2023. Both marked a four per cent increase, and this upcoming increase will be as such. 

The City of Swit Current is keeping their competitive edge by matching the rate, ensuring fair competition on the power grid. 

Additionally, SaskPower was approved to change their rate charge system from kilowatt-hours to a kilovolt-ampere (kVa) rate. 

"This shift will result in lower energy usage customers seeing a larger percentage increase than higher energy usage customers," marked Minken. "It is also important to note that a system average rate increase may affect individual customer rate classes differently, resulting in some customer rate classes seeing higher or lower percentage rate increases than the average."

Light & Power ratepayers will see a slightly higher-than-average increase due to these changes.