It’s the last long weekend of the summer and highways will be busy.

It’s also important to remember it’s a busy time for farmers as they work on bringing in the harvest.

Motorists are being reminded to stay alert and watch for slow-moving farm equipment.

Tyler McMurchy is with SGI and says August is when most collisions involving farm equipment tend to occur noting it’s important to be aware and stay focused on the road and what’s happening

“Farm equipment is very slow-moving so if you find yourself behind it, I think our Number 1 tip is to just be patient, give it plenty of space, reduce your speed accordingly and pass when it is safe to do so. You know farm equipment is often much wider and longer than a typical vehicle you’d find on the road even longer than a semi-trailer. So, you may want to give yourself that room, that space to safely pass.”

McMurchy says farmers also need to make sure their equipment meets road requirements:

“If your operating a piece of machinery at 40 kilometers per hour or slower that equipment must have on it an attached rear centered slow-moving vehicle sign. Depending on the size of the vehicle it also needs to be equipped with either flashing amber lights or flags.”

He notes motorists should keep in mind the driver of the machine might not be able to signal their intent to turn or slow down, so be sure to slow down to anticipate any sudden movements.

Farmers are usually only moving from one field to another, so they generally won’t be on the roads for a long distance.