The Sweetheart of a Deal Radio Auction has come to a close. Congratulations on all of our winning bidders! We will get some video clips on here in the next few days, just so that you can get a good grasp at the chaos that is, the Radio Auction. 


In the mean time, have a GREAT long weekend. I hope to see you at the Bronco game on Saturday night! :) 






Randy Travis and the Around the Bend Tour is coming to TCU Place in Saskatoon on May 5th

Tickets are between $55 and $70 and you can get them at or OR charge by phone at 888.639.7770 




Friday February 12th

Today’s Word: To dream of a red or “bloody” Moon warns of catastrophe or war.




First artificial ice rink in North America installed at Madison Square Gardens.



Prime Minister Robert Borden arrives in London to sit as a member of the British [Imperial] War Cabinet.



Canadian ice hockey team beats Denmark 47-0.



Nancy Greene wins women's slalom title at Canadian International Ski Championships.



Wayne Gretzky sets two more NHL records, his 45th hat trick and his tenth 40+ goal season.



Group of 100 people walk the 50 km Channel Tunnel for charity; first humans to walk from France to Britain since the Ice Age.



Canadian team attends opening ceremonies of the 17th Olympic Winter games in Lillehammer, Norway. The year of the Tony Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan debacle. Canada placed 7th in medal contention.



President Bill Clinton is acquitted by the United States Senate in his impeachment trial, ending what was one of the longest news stories … next to the whole OJ thing.



The 2005 YWCA Women of Distinction nomination forms are out.
The awards recognize women of southern Saskatchewan who have made a significant contribution to their community.
Swift Current's Joyce Goodhand, of the Southwest Crisis Services Centre was a 2004 award winner.







Charles Darwin –1809- proposed the scientific theory of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection. He published his theory in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species.


Abraham Lincoln –born in 1809- served as the 16th President of the United States until his assassination. He successfully led his country through its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the Union and ending slavery. Constantly rated one of the best Presidents of all time.


Lorne Greene –born in 1915- Canadian actor, his television roles include Ben Cartwright on the long-running western Bonanza, and Commander Adama in the original science fiction TV Series Battlestar Galactica.


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