Friday's Walk, Wheel, Run event at the firehall was brief but invigorating.

SaskAbilities managed to organize a last-minute run around the Swift Current Fire Department, which welcomed members of SaskAbilities, RCMP, EMS and the local Fire Department to join together for a quick run around the facility.

While it was only two laps, it was a great way to involve those who run around all year helping protect and serve Swift Current.

Chris Martens, community relations coordinator for SaskAbilties, not only helped get the event up and running but also was in attendance with his daughter.

"The weather cooperated, we got some good sunshine for it," said Martens. "Everyone went for a nice run, a good stroll and, we got smiles and positivity and happiness all over the map, so we're pretty happy."

First responders group photoA group photo of everyone who came out for the run. (photo by Hayden Michaels)

Martens is certain that with a little more planning, next year's event could be even better. Being able to generate a better layout and plan for the day would go a long way to allowing the Fire Department to better plan for having people running around, as well as giving them more time to call in some more members to run in the event without having to worry about taking a fire call.

"We'll have more time to really organize something," Martens said about next year's Responder Runaround. "I think we're going to have something definitely bigger and better for sure."

A big concern at the event was the fact that the firefighters would have to take off in the middle of the run for a fire call. This was one of the key reasons that the event was so brief, only going for two laps around the building.

Afterwards, everyone who didn't have to go back to work was able to head over to Scotiabank. The bank was holding their own event for Walk, Wheel, Run, where everyone was welcome to join their employees and SaskAbilities members as they made their way around the block.