Graham Fritz is formerly of Shaunavon and is the son of Reg and Terry Fritz of Shaunavon. Graham will be making his television debut on the 13th season of Dragon's Den this fall.

Dragon's Den is a program that has entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to six investors who then decide, on the spot, if they want to invest in the idea.

Fritz says he and the three chemists who invented their idea will be pitching a chemical solution that strips gold. They plan to apply the process to electronic waste.

Fritz says, "The technology was actually developed at the University of Saskatchewan and Excir licensed it, along with the inventors who are all shareholders. And it turned out there was kind of a road show of auditions, but one of the professors that was still there, Steven Foley, did a twenty-minute audition and we got booked on to the show."

Dragon's Den season premiere is September 20th on CBC. Fritz says they will appear on the program at some point in the 20-week run.