Coming up later this week, a gala to fundraise for the Southwest Facility Foundation will take place at the Living Sky Casino in Swift Current. 

The gala is set for Thursday evening and is already sold out. 

Sasha Godenir, chairperson for the Southwest Facility Foundation, is thrilled for the upcoming event and the opportunity to bring people together for a good cause. 

"We're committed to supporting the advancement of new recreational facilities in Swift Current to serve the southwest," Godenir said. "We're here to raise money to see those facilities come to life.

"We realize the need, the want and the greatness that it can provide for the community." 

Travis Cuthbert, board member for the Southwest Facility Foundation, notes that any and all donations count and appreciates the ongoing support from residents and local businesses.

"If you believe in what we're trying to accomplish, believe in what we're trying to build in this community, every dollar helps," said Cuthbert. "Whether it's $100 or $1,000." 

To find more information or donate, contact the foundation's board of directors at or visit their website.