Patrons of the Morse Museum were able to witness their favourite artifacts in a new light last Saturday.

The Adopt-an-Artifact Gala was a roaring success, with 20 esteemed appreciators accompanying John Griffin, Morse Museum curator, on a tour of the facility. Along the way, they were able to choose artifacts they wished to adopt, allocating personnel funding towards the continued upkeep of said treasures.

"Many of those individuals did make donations and decide to adopt artifacts," certified Griffin. 

Those participating in the program donated $50 to sponsor their selected item. Half of that money goes to buying a membership with the museum, and the other is set aside for the care and curation of the artifact. 

A list of available artifacts can be found on the Morse Museum website. Should anyone wish to convert cash to contribution with the program, they are encouraged to do so. 

The Adopt-an-Artifact Gala managed to gather $700 in donations, while the program itself has amassed $1,700 throughout its recent implementation. 

"So far to date from all our programs, whether it be our Adopt-an-Artifact or our corporate and individual sponsors, we've raised a total of $8950," shared Griffin. 

The evening of the gala also included catering and refreshments, along with a chance to socialize with others who are similarly fascinated by the Morse Museum's 14,000-strong artifact collection. 

The next event for history enthusiasts to gather at in Morse will be on April 2. That's when Griffin and the rest of the museum will be unveiling the new temporary exhibit via ad astra, "A Century of Service". 

"It's dedicated to honouring those who have served in the Royal Canadian Air Force," said Griffin. "On the 1st of April this year will be the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force."