It is something being felt not only across Saskatchewan but throughout the country. 

Pain in the pocketbook when filling up at the gas pump. 

The average price of gas in Saskatchewan Sunday morning was 184.7¢, up by 6.5 cents from last week, and 17.9 percent from April. The price, which is already at a record high, is up by 57.3 cents from last year. 

The increases come as the price of WTI oil holds relatively steady, up by two percent from last month, and is down from the high point it reached on March 8th of $123.70 a barrel. 

The most expensive gas in the province can be found in the Swift Current and Prince Albert areas, and northern parts of the province, where the price is over $1.87 a litre. The lowest gas prices are currently in the southeast and the Yorkton area.  

Analyst Dan McTeague of Canadians for Affordable Energy says more increases could be expected in the coming days. To help with the cost of gas, he is calling on the federal government to suspend the carbon tax, which would lower the cost of fuel by roughly 11 cents a litre. He is also calling for Ottawa to offer an immediate energy rebate, as the increase in gas prices has meant an increase in the amount of GST collected at the pumps.