Aspiring, young musicians are counting down the few weeks left before this year's Gravelbourg & District Bilingual Music Festival.

The music festival will be held at the Church of Christ in Gravelbourg and is set to run from April 8 - 11 with a final concert and awards on Saturday, April 13.

Yvonne Sutherland, chairperson for Gravelbourg & District Music Festival, is pleased to see the number of local music students who are starting to set their sights higher and higher. 

"We have a fairly good lineup," Sutherland said. "All of our classes are open to the public, we have a small admission for each day or you can pay for the whole week and come as many times as you want"

This year's event has around 137 entries in voice, musical theatre, piano, oratory and speech arts, strings, and more that will be adjudicated by Regina's Lori Potter.

"We also have a handbell choir this year," noted Sutherland. "This year we have some evening sessions, which are always really well attended. 

"Our musical theatre night is usually packed it's such a wonderful evening, and we also have a piano evening this year," said Sutherland. 

Where this festival differs in comparison to some others around the area, is the diverse enrichment of both French and English through not only French vocal performances but adjudication as well.

"Gravelbourg is the only bilingual music festival in Sask. and we've been holding onto that for a very long time," Sutherland said. 

Additionally, eight of the local music students have entered into 24 various provincial classes which means they may have the opportunity to perform at provincials this coming June. 

"I think it's great to support the youth in our community in the arts and culture," said Sutherland. "I think it's great to support both English and French oratory. I have a child who's been in it for many years and I think it's made him a better performer and I think it has also helped his presence when he's speaking to a group.

"It's another way to show the talent that's in this area and promote singing and the arts within Sask," Sutherland concluded.