The rich history of Swift Current will soon be available at the touch of your fingertips. 

Last Wednesday during the City's governance & priorities committee meeting the Swift Current Museum unveiled a website and app in development that features information on city landmarks, prominent people, an interactive map, and much more.

William Shepherd, the collections officer for the Swift Current Museum, said the museum's staff has done the work to build out and app.

"We've brought together things that aren't necessarily the most readily available, along with things that we have on our website and questions that we commonly get," he told city council.


Often asked questions from the public and requests for history information on Swift Current were a couple of the driving factors behind the innovative idea.

"We started off with something a lot smaller and as we go we so okay this resource would be great on here," he said. "This is kind of the final look. We will still be adding information to it as we go."

The places tab has over 50 current or former landmarks listed so that individuals can browse and gain insight into their origin. There is also an interactive map feature with over 300 pinned locations of interest. 

"Some of them will say Central Service Station, run by Charles Duff," he said. "Other ones will have additional information depending on how much information we have about them... So when people are looking they don't have to contact us, they're certainly welcome to, but if they're interested in what was in that spot they can go here and look it up."

Shepherd said they're working on the Apple app and will then shift their focus to Android.

Swift Current city councillor Ryan Plewis mentioned local business owners could offer their waiting-customers something to do: by displaying a QR code for the app or website.

"I would be okay paying for it, I can't speak to what all businesses would be interested in doing, but I think this would be a great thing to offer members of the public that happen to be in different businesses like doctor's offices."