Holiday ornaments hold a special place in our hearts. With our Christmas Keepsakes promotion, we asked you to submit a photo of your most treasured Christmas decoration/ornament and tell us why it's so special to you. We wanted to share some of our fantastic entries with you. 

Richard's submission

Christmas Keepsake 1

Made by my grandfather as a gift to my grandmother. Now in our family under our tree. Still going strong after 60 years, with the occasional light bulb change


Diane's submission

Christmas Keepsake 2

This little red plastic boot was bought in the early and mid-sixties and was originally filled with shelled peanuts, it was given to my siblings and I, and since then, it has been shared amongst us and many of our children and now my grandchildren, they all put it on their good and walk with it. Many memories and pictures were taken with this boot. My mom's only regret not buying 2!


Jamie's submission

Christmas Keepsake 3

I have had an obsession with snowmen and have been collecting them for about 23 years since my son was born. At Christmas m,y mom would buy ornaments for each of her family members and put them on her Christmas tree and we were able to choose one off of the tree that we wanted to keep. She always made sure there was a supply of snowmen for me to choose from. My mom passed in the spring of 2019 after a hard battle with cancer so I decided every year I would buy a snowman ornament for my tree in honor of her and I write the year on the foot. Attached is my first and most prized snowman from 2019. I miss my mom dearly but every time I look at my snowmen, I think of her, and it warms my heart.