Dead Prarieis Productions continues its proud tradition with a recent donation to the Swift Current SPCA. 

Devon Oman, writer, producer, and director for Dead Prairies Productions, dropped off a cheque for a little over $2,000 at the animal shelter. This money was the profits from the Gorephers Final Gnaw premier two weeks ago. 

Oman was able to generate close to $1,600 from ticket and merch sales at the event. His personal tattoo artist, Marshall Ambrose, raised another $400 at the event by raffling off some tattoos. 

"Ambrose is the one that actually created the Dead Prairies Productions logo," informed Oman. 

The SPCA will be able to take that money and put it towards their various needs at the shelter. Whether that is toys, cleaning supplies, or food, it will all be used for the sake of the cats and dogs they house. 

"I hope it goes towards feeding the animals, of course, and helping with the healthcare and the vet bills," said Oman. 

If anyone would like to donate via Dead Prairies Productions, any DVD or merch sales do go towards the SPCA. Alternatively, you can make a cash donation directly at the shelter, or drop off supplies for the animals.