Paramedic Services Week was recognized in Swift Current yesterday, by none other than the fine paramedics at Hutch Ambulance. 

These EMS professionals were running the barbecue at their garage beside Rotary Park. Folks who stopped by were able to pick up a hot dog, or enter the prize draw raffle while getting to know their local paramedics. 

Trent Meyer, a primary care paramedic at Hutch Ambulance, was happy to see people outside his usual working circumstances. 

"It's really good when we get to see people in a good light, rather than in poor circumstances like we often do," said Meyer. 

Proceeds from any tickets or refreshments purchased went to local charities like Dorie's House, Rustyn Paul, and the Camp Thompson Boy Scouts. 

Typically, the grill has raised around $600 - $700 in years prior. This year is expected to be close to the same. 

People who came by did offer their thanks and appreciation to the paramedics. Comments and stories from their own experiences were shared, and tales of the paramedic's efforts were relayed back and forth. 

These individuals are the first to arrive when a life is in danger. They begin the fight to save every individual who they rescue while racing through town to the hospital. Many people owe them their lives, and happily thanked them for that. 

If anyone missed a chance to stop by and thank them, they are encouraged to stop by Hutch Ambulance anytime to express their gratitude. Whether that's a quick thank you, or going as far as dropping off donuts and coffee for the team, each and every interaction is appreciated.