As we all do our best to practice social distancing during COVID 19, it poses a unique situation for those residents living in Hutterite Colonies.

The Bench Colony near Shaunavon is one of the smaller colonies in the province, but a spokesperson for the Colony said that other colonies are all practicing social distancing and safe practices during the pandemic.

The Bench Colony, initially, set up a protocol and meeting with all their members.

The entrance to the Colony has since been locked and people can only come in by appointment. Anything needing to be picked up is left at the front gates.

The spokesperson added that they are not communicating socially with other colonies and are limiting their visits to town for only necessities and delivering product to doorsteps.

Sanitizer has been provided to all homes in the colony, with sanitizer, masks and gloves available for use in all their vehicles. All meals are eaten with members sitting two meters, or six feet, apart.

The spokesperson said working in the barns is tougher but they are doing what they need to do.