The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan have a new President.

Ian Boxall, the Representative for the RM of Connaught # 457 farms near Tisdale and takes over the role from Todd Lewis.

Boxall says it's an honour and a privilege to be elected as President.

He notes some of the early priorities for the new executive include the Next Policy Framework Task Force, rural connectivity, continued drought response, and advocacy on behalf of farmers dealing with grain contracts from last year’s drought.

Former President Todd Lewis says he wishes Ian the best of luck with his new role as President.

"I’ve worked with him over the last several years, and I know APAS will be in good hands with the new Executive."

Other members of the 2022 APAS Executive include Vice Presidents Bill Prybylski of Willowbrook a Director for District Four and Scott Owens of Maidstone a Director for District Six.

District One Directors - Wanda Reid RM of Golden West #95 and Steven Donald RM of Martin #122
District Two Directors - Bev Pirio RM of Laurier #38 and James Bateman RM of Gravelbourg #104
District Three Directors - Don Connick RM of Carmichael #109 and Devin Harlick RM of Piapot #110
District Four Directors - Bill Prybylski RM of Garry #245 and Ian Boxall RM of Connaught #457
District Five Directors - Donavon Block RM of Leroy # 339 and Ryan Scragg RM of Garden River #490
District Six Directors - Jeremy Welter RM of Mariposa #350 and Scott Owens RM of Eldon #471