With the Swift Current Broncos looking to win their second playoff series, the local atmosphere has been electric.

Joining in on the hype, and showing their colours, the Innovation Federal Credit Union has put up some new paint to cheer on the local boys.

Windows all around the Innovation Centre in downtown Swift Current have been decorated with 'Go Broncos Go', the Broncos logo, and more.

The idea for these additions to the building's aesthetic came from a small group of employees, who after some consultation, got the go-ahead from Innovation Federal Credit Union's Marketing Specialist, Britt Ruest.

From the parking lot, the message is clear. From the parking lot, the message is clear. 

"We really wanted to be a part of the excitement going on in Swift Current right now and just show our community support and community spirit while showing support for the Broncos during their playoff run," said Ruest. "So we thought it would be a fun way to get on that bandwagon."

Normally, a bank is the kind of place where wearing a hockey jersey to start your shift is probably not quite up to the dress code. However, Innovation has a long history of cheering for the home team, even owning the naming rights to the InnovationPlex.

"We are really proud to be supporting them in more than just the window panes," said Ruest. "They're an important organization with some really avid fans in the community."

If the Broncos can continue their big playoff run, Innovation still has some additional ideas they could bring out to show even more support.

"It was just a few staff that took some time to go out and test their artistic fields on the windows," said Ruest. "There are a few ideas that we did not implement quite yet."

If your business or home has been decorated to help cheer on the Broncos, send photos to news@swiftcurrentonline.com