Chief Superintendent Ted Monroe has just given a press release following the discovery of 29 additional sexual assault victims of Richard Dyke, who was taken into custody in 2023. 

Yesterday, it was announced that the investigations brought forward 14 counts of sexual assault, 14 counts of sexual interference, 23 counts of making child pornography and nine counts of voyeurism. The stated intention of the RCMP for bringing forth his identity and holding a press conference was to help find other possible victims. 

Beginning with a search warrant executed in an Assiniboia home in November of 2023, an extensive investigation has been carried out, leading to a total of 73 charges being laid on Richard Dyke so far. The home which was searched was discovered to be a daycare which was operated by Dyke’s spouse. After Dyke was arrested, the investigation continued to his other places of residency in Swift Current and Coronach. 

Ted Monroe is the officer in charge of the criminal operations for the Saskatchewan RCMP. 

“The magnitude of this investigation has proven significant,” stated Monroe. “Investigators have analyzed over one and a half million pieces of digital evidence. They were obtained from 24 terabytes of seized electronic devices, a team of highly trained investigators have thoroughly examined all evidence and have taken numerous victim and witness statements to help determine the criminal acts that took place.” 

There are now a total of 32 discovered victims, mostly males with ages ranging from 18 months to 17 years. 

The RCMP encourages those who may have additional information or believe they or their child may be a victim to contact their local police or call 310-RCMP.