Kelsey Krahn is Magic 97's first winner of a gift card from Blondie's Gift and Garden Centre just by showing off her green thumb.

Kelsey emailed us a picture of the best garden she had ever grown, adding that she had so many potatoes, she didn't know what to do with them all. She added, "We bought this yard from my husband's grandma, and she loved to garden. Everything I know about gardening I learn from her. We spend lots of time in the summers talking about what new plants I’m trying to grow in my garden and how everything looks. I am so blessed to have been able to learn from and garden with our Nanny."

Kelsey will now have a chance to get some wonderful things for her garden with a $50 gift card from Blondie's Gift and Garden Centre, and you can visit them just east of Medicine Hat for everything you need to get your garden started, and some great gift ideas for Mother's Day, too. Check out what they have in store on their Facebook page and Instagram.

We're giving away another $50 Blondie's gift card next week, so send us photos of your garden, flower bed, planter boxes, house plants or anything else you're growing to the Magic 97 Facebook page or email for your chance to win!