After almost three decades of helping break down financial barriers for Swift Current youth to participate in sport, a crucial organization has officially dissolved.  

Swift Current KidSport announced Tuesday evening that all board and committee members have resigned due to recent operational changes that were out of their control. 

Former treasurer of the non-profit, Craig Menzies, explained that what had previously been guidelines from the provincial board have recently become nonnegotiable, leaving the Swift Current chapter feeling defeated.  

“We were always given some discretion and leeway that will no longer be the case,” he said. “When we did talk to [the provincial board], it was not much of a discussion or exchange of views. It was hard and fast rules, this is what it's going to be from now on and you have to follow these, or you can't do it.” 

Moving forward, there is a minimum age of five years old to be approved for funding, as well as application deadlines and narrow income requirements. 

These are rules which the local chapter feels reinforce barriers that they have worked tirelessly to break down.  

“The members of the Swift Current KidSport committee wanted to carry on but didn't feel they could do so under these conditions,” said Menzies. “The relationships and personal interaction that we had built up with various sports organizations as well as certain families will no longer exist.” 

He stated that if the conditions were to be relaxed or changed, there would be consideration of bringing KidSport back to the area.    

Anyone in the area wanting to utilize the non-profit's support can still apply for a grant through the provincial fund.  

“The citizens and the businesses of Swift Current ... we had great, great support for the 29 years we were up and running,” Menzies added. “We never had to turn any kids away. We had great support from the community, and we all know that it's going to be definitely missed by some of those kids who may or may not now be able to participate in sports they were in the past.” 

Swift Current KidSport has supported 3,795 kids and spent $725,500 during its 29 years in the community.