Families and animal lovers from the southwest came to support the Swift Current SPCA's city-wide sweet treat fundraiser that took place on Monday.

With National Cupcake Day also happening this past week, it was the purr-fect time for the shelter's annual fundraiser.

"It went really good," said the fundraising manager for the Swift Current SPCA, Ashley Muhle. "Lily Bean Cookies and Cupcakes had donated two dozen cupcakes to the shelter and two dozen to the bookstore." 

The shelter was already sold out of cupcakes around noon, bringing in over $1,100 from the shelter's fundraising alone.

"I don't have a total yet of everything," Muhle explained.

Amounts are still coming in from the various businesses that also participated in the fundraiser.

The proceeds will go to general maintenance and care for the Swift Current SPCA shelter.

Cupcakes were available at various locations across Swift Current including the SPCA shelter, the SPCA bookstore, Studio 98, W.W. Smith Insurance, Coast Hotels, and more. 

"We thank the public for coming in and donating and supporting the shelter by buying cupcakes from us," said Muhle.