A long-time Sask. artist specializing in rural prairies, is currently being featured in a pop-up exhibit at With Love Collective and Made Cafe in Swift Current. 

Grasslands Gallery Online was able to commission Regina artist, Ernie Klinger's exhibition titled, 'Abstraction'.

Laureen Marchand, the owner of Grasslands Gallery Online, operates the only professional online art gallery in the province from her home in Val Marie where she features various Canadian artists. 

"There are subjects that it feels like we've all seen," said Marchand. "To me, his landscapes remind me of driving down a road in Sask. and for some reason, it feels like winter and it's almost dark and you drive past a building and you think; did I really see that?

"They feel really evocative of something that we've all experienced."

Klinger's artwork highlights Sask. landscapes and is described as abstract, familiar, and perhaps profound for those who've lived in the prairies. 

"I think the story is in the way that it looks and the way that it makes us feel when we see it, which is that sense of I know that I've been there, but I don't just don't quite remember where or when," she noted. "They are things that we've probably all seen but at the same time they're also dream-like."

Anyone interested in more information or purchasing Klinger's artwork can speak with employees at With Love Collective or visit the Grasslands Gallery Online website.

"I think it's a really interesting exhibit and I hope a lot of people see it," added Marchand.