Last Saturday, the Maple Creek Locan Legion Branch 75 held its first tradeshow of 2024.

The event is a bi-annual affair, with the next set for November. Various artists, craftspeople, and startups come out to the Legion Hall, selling wares, services, and handmade odds and ends. 

This go around, the Legion Hall was busy as people came and went for the two days they hosted everyone. Proceeds from the tradeshow go towards securingLegion Branch 75 operations for the year, as well as keeping the lights on and other bills paid. 

Happy to see so many coming and going was Legion Branch 75 member and volunteer, Doug Harrelson. He was not only helping with the various coming and goings, but he was also checking in and eyeing up some of the wares for himself. 

"All the items are basically high quality," said Haroldson. " It's not a garage sale, it's a craft sale craft and trade sale."

For the Legion Branch 75, like many other branches, it is getting harder to host these events. The main crux in a list of issues is volunteers and membership. 

"It's a team effort, you know," said Haroldson. "We're hurting for volunteers so we need everybody that's willing to give us a hand."

 If anyone would like to inquire about volunteering at the next tradeshow or any other Legion Branch 75 event in Maple Creek, they can call 306-662-2353.