The furry faces at the Swift Current SPCA were made into television stars thanks to a Sask. based production company. 

Bamboo Shoots approached the SPCA in order to film a short seven-minute video that would air on maxTV, as well as on YouTube. 

SPCA Operations Manager, Amy Dixon, had fun during the shoot, ensuring everyone was where they needed to be, paws and all. 

"We actually were lucky in that we had a lot of puppies in shelter when they were through," said Dixon. "So they got a lot of good shots of puppies playing, a lot of kitties that were around and more than happy to be part of the process that day. It was really nice to have them here and we had a good group of animals that could participate."

The video focuses in on the daily operations of the shelter. It goes over how things go at feedings, to some of the more mundane things like cleaning up. Of course, there are lots of cute and cuddly appearances from all the adoptable animals currently at the SPCA.

Previously, the shelter did have another video. However, it was aging out after seven years, so the ability to shoot an updated look at the operation was needed. 

That's when Bamboo Shoots approached SPCA Fundraising Manager Ashley Muhle.

"It was actually a pretty easy process," said Dixon. "They called, we arranged some dates, they came down here to the shelter, and we did it. It took a couple of hours in the morning."

If anyone sees a future best friend in the video, there is a good chance they can still meet them at the shelter. The hope is that everyone who has made it to the big screen in this production will have a new home in the not-so-distant future.