The Swift Current Little Theatre is getting ready to begin showing its Christmas play, a 1940s radio-style production of It’s a Wonderful Life. 

The show will be an adaptation of the classic film by Frank Capra. This version takes inspiration from Joe Landry’s radio play rendition. The Swift Current Little Theatre is a completely volunteer-based organization which hopes to draw out an audience of all ages for the first showing tonight at 6:30. 

Kurtis Bakanec, Director of the upcoming production, plays a key role in the creation of the event. 

“It's been a while since we've actually done a Christmas play,” Bakanec said. “It's absolutely amazing. So many people came together, especially people working in the background; people finding the costumes, getting posters out. There's so much help at Little Theatre, I love it.” 

Staged as a radio play, the production must replicate the modes of entertainment before television and modern technology, which means taking on multiple roles and doing sound effects.  Kurtis and Jarod have a cast of only five people, but between them, over 30 characters will come to life on stage. 

“You have a cast of five and between five of us we're probably doing 30, 35 voices so it's absolutely amazing," said Jarod, a production manager. “The special effects, the props table, it's all so cool. I didn't know you could get a cricket chirping by rubbing a comb... We're using everything that was available to us in the 40s to do the sound.” 

The shows are scheduled to happen on December 8, 9, 15 and 16. Tickets are going fast and are available at Pharmasave and at the door.

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