As day one comes to an end we would like to congratulate all of our lucky winners today of our May Monster Cash promotion. 

Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon was our first lucky winner who used her detective skills to figure out that today we were broadcasting live from Riverdene Garden Center. For being the first to find us Sarah received $100 in cold hard cash. 

Lois Frohlich

After revealing our secret location in the first hour of our broadcast, Lois Frohlich walked away $200 richer in our second hour. 

Courtney Gruhlke

Finally a big congratulations going out to Courtney Gruhlke who walked away with $300 in the final hour of our broadcast. 

Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning for your next chance to win with May Monster Cash as we will be broadcasting live from a new secret location each day until May 30th. 

Be the first to find us by following our clues on air and on our social media and you will walk away with $100 cold hard cash. After we reveal the secret location stay tuned on air as we will continue looking for hourly winners throughout the broadcast with the prize money going up each hour.