The Ministry of Highways began paving work in May on approximately 35 kilometers of Highway 37 at Shaunavon.

Work began north, just south of the Swift Current Creek and will be heading south with current work being done on paving bottom lift near the Highway 13 North intersection.

Cypress Hills MLA, Doug Steele, had these comments

"It was pretty broke up and it was really deteriorated. We want to get it back, because that's the main corridor for the southwest on 37 to Shaunavon and down to the border, and over to Eastend, and for the region overall."

Paving of the bottom lift through the Shaunavon section should begin shortly.

Paving will pause over the weekend and resume on Monday with the paving of the bottom lift through the Shaunavon section.

Highway speeds are reduced with traffic down to one-way and temporary wait times of no longer than 20 minutes.

Total cost of the project is 11.2 million dollars., with the anticipated completion date for the project being July 5, 2022.