Today was the final day of May Monster Cash, where three more lucky winners took home a total of $600!

Our first winner of $100 was Lysondra Ruehs, who was the very first to find us at today's secret location, which was Rocky Rents (formerly Robertson Rentals) on the corner of North Railway Street West and Lac Pelletier Trail.

Lysondra Ruehs

Over the noon hour, we were looking for the 15th different person to come to the store for a chance to win $200, and Tammy Lyman was the big winner!

Tammy Lyman

Finally, for our final May Monster Cash prize of $300, we were looking for the third person in the 1:00pm hour to make a purchase or rental of $50 or more. Kari Ferguson purchased a shovel for her garden and pocketed that $300 prize, which she says she's going to use for her upcoming camping trip in British Columbia!

Kari Ferguson

Congratulations to our May Monster Cash winners for today and the past week, and stay with us for more chances to win this summer!