A total of 1,815 medals were handed during the Western Canada Summer Games. Those medals were designed by a local resident.

Brandon Wiebe designed the medals but also designed the souvenir booklets, opening and closing programs, as well as tickets and passes for the Games.

Wiebe said that to see the medals hung around the winning athlete's necks was exciting.  

"My favourite moment that happened was when I was watching the tennis single men get their medals and in second place was a kid from Saskatchewan and once he got the medal around his neck I saw him pick it up and look at the design and then it kind of came full circle for me, at that moment," he said. "This kid is seeing the summer games logo on a medal on his chest that he earned and just seeing come to fruition that was the most exciting and inspiring part." 

He said he still doesn't know how to react when thinking about the role the medals will play in the athlete's lives.

"It's quite humbling, and it's actually quite hard to take in," he said. "I don't actually think much about all the athletes and coaches having these medals, keeping them and cherishing them. It's not really something I think about. It's hard to grasp." 

Wiebe added that to be able to remind people across Western Canada of the southwest, is something he is proud of.