The Southwest Facility Foundation has hauled in a six-figure donation to kickstart its fundraising campaign.

MNP committed $206,500 over a five-year span yesterday to the non-profit organization that's aiming to assist in building a new recreational facility in Swift Current.

Sasha Godiner, the chairperson for the Southwest Facility Foundation, said MNP's gift further displays their dedication to local initiatives. 

"We just really want to thank them," she said. "They're a long-time community partner. This really shows the commitment they have to the southwest moving forward."

The Southwest Facility Foundation went public in April of this year seeking to raise $8 million to improve the region's chances of landing a grant to support the construction of a future aquatics/leisure facility or field house.

"It signifies that there are people in this community that really want to see something like this happen," she said. "They understand and see the benefit that it hits on all levels."

Now that the board has the non-profit off the ground and some of the logistics have been taken care of, they can turn their attention to their largest task, fundraising the remaining 97.5 per cent of the goal.

"You're going to be hearing from us more and more," she said. "We're going to be very excited to be announcing some more in the near future."

The Kiwanis Club will be hosting a Foundation of Hope Gala on April 11, 2024, with the proceeds headed toward the Southwest Facility Foundation

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