The Morse Museum was able to host a celebration, in honour of its sponsors. 

The Morse Museum Gala was held last Saturday. It saw a host of existing and potential sponsors attend the evening, where they were able to preview the new sponsorship packages the Museum is now offering. 

Museum Curator, John Griffin, was happy to explain and examples of the packages to the gathered history enthusiasts. 

"We had a presentation in which I presented to them about our new corporate sponsor's plan," said Griffin. "They had time for questions and to tour of the facility more in-depth as well."

The Morse Museum is introducing the updated sponsorship system as a way to circumnavigate the yearly operating cost. In the hopes of rising above the roughly $30,000 expense, these new programs look to incentivize and invigorate potential donors. 

"In response to this challenge, we decided that we would offer naming rights to our exhibits, programs, rooms and wings of the facility in exchange for monetary donations to help raise those funds," said Griffin.

At the highest tier, Platinum, sponsors earn things like naming rights to a room or wing in lieu of naming rights to specific exhibits. They will also be gifted a token of appreciation, and get to embark on a behind-the-scenes tour. 

It is also a three-year commitment, making the entry-level of $1,000 or more a strong thing to consider. 

If anyone would like to learn more, they can contact the Morse Museum, and ask to speak with Griffin.